1. Finally, the NRA’s fight to protect the Second Amendment has met its match: the NRA.

    Jon Stewart brightly mocks the NRA for opposing freedom of gun choice

    Jon Stewart started out Tuesday night’s Daily Show by gently suggesting to open-carry gun-rights activists that parading their loaded assault weapons into, say, Chipotle restaurants might make diners nervous. But the Chipotle incident is just a jumping-off point for Stewart’s larger point: The NRA’s war to stop “smart guns” makes no sense.




  4. "I believe every American has Second Amendment rights. The ability to hunt is part of our culture. I have an NRA rating of an ‘A,’ but enough is enough."  —Sen. Mark Warner, who represents the NRA’s home state of Virginia

    The polls have shifted since the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings — 54 percent of respondents in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll favor stricter gun control laws, a five-year high; 59 percent back a ban on high-capacity ammunition clips — and several big names in “pro-gun” politics, most of them Democrats, have stepped forward to say they’re reconsidering. 

    Here, 5 gun-rights advocates who changed their minds after Sandy Hook

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