1. 19 regional words all Americans should adopt immediately

    Traveling around the United States, it sometimes can feel as if the locals are speaking a whole different language…

    whoopensocker (n.), Wisconsin — You know when something’s wonderfully unique, but the words “wonderful” and “unique” don’t quite cut it? That’s why Wisconsinites invented whoopensocker, which can refer to anything extraordinary of its kind — from a sweet dance move to a knee-melting kiss. 

    snoopy (adj.), Maryland, Pennsylvania — A more interesting way of saying someone’s picky, especially with regards to food. 

    chinchy (adj.), South, South Midlands — Not as direct as “cheap,” and less erudite than “parsimonious,” this useful word perfectly describes your stingy friend who never chips in for gas.

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    (Source: theweek.com)