1. Gay marriage set to move forward in Alaska

    Alaska will be the latest state to have gay marriage legalized, Alaska Dispatch News reports, after the Supreme Court denied the state’s request for an additional delay.



  3. By deflecting the issue, [the Supreme Court has] put off — for now — the question of whether same-sex marriage should be legal in every state.

    The Supreme Court won’t hear any gay marriage cases this term

    The nation’s highest court announced it denied seven petitions challenging same-sex marriage bans, which effectively legalizes gay marriage in at least five states — but falls short of a definitive rule


  4. That’s all clear progress toward equality, but if we are indeed at a tipping point, we are precariously balanced atop it.

    The battle for gay rights is not over yet

    Sure, progress has been made — but if things don’t continue to move forward, they could be pushed back



  6. The week’s best photojournalism

    In some of the week’s most memorable images, lightning cuts the sky, an acrobat takes a terrifying walk, and more


  7. Kentucky gay marriage ban struck down

    A federal judge on Tuesday struck down Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriage, the latest in a unanimous wave of rulings to roll back gay marriage bans over the past year


  8. Clearly, U.S. groups recognized the market for homophobia stateside was dwindling, and so tried to sell it somewhere else. Meaning that Africa isn’t just where we send our losing team’s Super Bowl shirts; it’s also where we now send our losing political philosophies.


  10. 3 gay Republicans feature their partners in campaign ads

    You’re not misreading that headline