1. More than anything, ‘The Simpsons Guy’ was lazy — a fundamentally misguided attempt to make two totally different tastes cohere, like a tuna-and-peanut butter sandwich.

    How the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover revealed the worst of both shows

    Whatever the strengths of the animated Fox sitcoms, they weren’t on display here


  2. Meet Catwoman, the Riddler, and more in the new Gotham teaser

    Batman’s villains are so varied and complex that they’re arguably more interesting than Batman himself


  3. Watch the extended trailer for Fox’s new Batman prequel, Gotham

    Fox has signed on for at least 13 episodes. If Smallville is any indication, there will eventually be a lot more than that. 


  4. Sex and beauty sell. No one expects, or should expect, news operations to be devoid of friction, humor, even joke(rs) who might cross a line or two. But with a guy at the top who doesn’t seem to respect women, and has a history of appearing to treat them as objects, I wonder what life must be like for women who work at Fox.
    — Marc Ambinder, in Fox News’ culture of sexism

  5. Sleepy Hollow’s independent success is testament to the power of its unique blend of horror, humor, escapism, and mystery, which has been augmented by a uniformly excellent cast and breakneck, twist-laden storytelling. So far, it’s also the only freshman show to have been renewed for a second season.

  6. Meet Aereo: The online streaming start-up that will change the way you watch TV

    • What is it? 
      Aereo is “live TV, wherever you are, whenever you want.” It lets you watch broadcast channels live on a browser on an iPhone or iPad or on TV-connected devices like Apple TV and Roku. You can also record shows à la DVR and save them to watch later.

    • And this is legal?
      Yes, at least according to a federal appeals court ruling earlier this month. But networks aren’t happy. On Tuesday, News Corp. threatened to pull Fox off the airwaves and move it to cable if Aereo prevails in court, claiming that the start-up is threatening the network’s ability to sell advertising.

    • Where is it available?
      For now, just metropolitan New York. But Aereo says they plan on expanding to big cities nationwide.

    • Is it free?

    Photo: Facebook.com/Aereo


  7. Sometimes numbers and facts are irrefutable — sometimes when you lose you can no longer credibly scream victory in the face of defeat, as Karl Rove tried to do in his now-famous election night meltdown ranting against Fox News’ own statisticians. Rove may still be in denial, but Fox News for their part is facing reality and moving on.

    Alex Moore at Death and Taxes. Since the November election, two of Fox News' most prominent political commentators — Karl Rove and Dick Morris — “have virtually vanished,” says Howard Kurtz at The Daily Beast, “seemingly airbrushed from the airwaves.”

    Why Fox News had to bench Karl Rove

    (Source: theweek.com)


  8. A chunk of the moon being sold at auction is currently priced at $170,000, but is expected to bring in as much as $380,000 when the bidding ends. Photo: ThinkStock/Stockbyte


    Tense reunions
    Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly and Daily Show host Jon Stewart announce that they will go head to head — again — and debate each other next month. [The Daily What]

    Wealthy stargazers
    The fourth-largest chunk of moon rock on Earth is expected to fetch up to $380,000 at auction. [Tecca]

    Recycling your stale cupcakes
    Researchers in Hong Kong team up with Starbucks to treat day-old pastries in a bio-refinery in order to turn them into bio-plastics or detergents. [Geekosystem]


    Blaming bad vibes
    A New York Asian-fusion restaurant cancels a gay couple’s rehearsal dinner, claiming that same-sex wedding parties are “bad for feng shui.” [Jezebel]

    McRib addicts
    A leaked McDonald’s memo suggests that the restructured pork sandwich Americans go nuts for every fall may not return until the second half of December. [Consumerist]

    Leaving your sweater at home
    A new study finds that employees working in offices with temperatures below 68 degrees make 44 percent more errors than those who work in offices without oppressively cold central air. [The Billfold]

    (Source: theweek.com)


  9. American Idol is in the midst of a major shake-up. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have announced their departure from the judges table, while veteran judge Randy Jackson hasn’t signed on for another season. With less money to splurge on big-name talent, there is no telling who will end up filling the empty seats.

    Take a peek at potential Season 12 judges


  10. "Tell me why being rich is such a bad thing, why being successful is such a bad thing. Tex Richman, The Muppets name is, that is the American dream, is to work hard and be successful.”

    Fox Business takes issue with the fact that The Muppets villain is an oil tycoon named Tex Richman.

    "Is liberal Hollywood using class warfare to brainwash our kids?"

    "Yeah, absolutely."