1. A brief, scandalous history of high heels

    How a standard footwear for 16th-century Persian horsemen became “fashion’s most provocative accessory”







  7. How do defeated majority leaders spend their time? They think a lot about seersucker, apparently

    Seersucker Thursday started in the 1990s, when then-senator Trent Lott revived the striped suit in Congress. The lightweight fabric allowed senators to remain cool in the summer heat while still looking proper. This year, Lott gave Roll Call a list of no less than 11 tips on how Congress members can dress appropriately for the occasion. 


  8. There is one thing she is exceptional at, an art that, like anything else, she mastered through discipline and well-played instinct. This is being famous.

  9. Nobody wants to see a real person on the cover.


  11. "The obvious objection — that it’s presumptuous to assume women dress for men — doesn’t quite cover it. Many women do wear makeup and choose outfits in part to look more attractive to certain men. But rare is the woman who seeks to attract absolutely all men, or even as many men as possible. As Laurie Penny notes regarding her own short hair, a woman’s beauty choices can effectively sort through the men a woman attracts, eliminating those a she wouldn’t be interested in to begin with."

    — Phoebe Maltz Bovy in, Why are so many men trolling beauty sites?