1. Finding beauty in the blur of the past

    In this surreal walk down memory lane, vintage family snapshots merge with vibrant, Walden-esque landscapes


  2. Twins reunited after almost 8 decades apart

    For 77 years, Ann Hunt had no idea that she had a sister, let alone a twin


  3. Niblings.

    A new term for your nieces and nephews. Use of this term seems to be growing among aunts and uncles who want an easy way to refer to their little bundles of sibling-provided joy in a collective or gender-neutral way.

    11 little-known words for specific family members


  4. 95%

    The percentage of British households to be automatically blocked from viewing online pornography by a government-proposed filter.

    Why David Cameron’s crusade against porn is the nanny state at its worst


  5. 40 years later, Roe v. Wade is still under siege. The pro-abortion-rights Americans who fought to win the landmarkdecision might not recognize today’s bruised-and-battered version of the law. 

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  6. Discovered: A way to delay menopause… forever?

    For many women, the ticking of your biological clock can be incredibly stressful. But here’s some good news: An international team of researchers presenting at the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology in Istanbul this week have pioneered a technique that puts menopause on hold indefinitely, allowing women to put off having children till much later in life, giving a woman more time to focus on her career, become financially stable, and perhaps most importantly, allowing her to start a family when she chooses to.


  7. $234,900 — Amount a middle-income family typically spends raising a child through age 17, as of 2011

    $389,670 — Amount that families earning more than $100,000 a year typically spend per child

    3.5 — Percentage increase in kid-rearing costs from 2010, due to rising transportation, education, child care, and food expenses

    $70,000 — Total cost of housing a child through age 17, the single-biggest expense

    18 — Percentage of total child-rearing expenses funneled to child care and education in 2011

    2 — Percentage used on child care and education in 1960

    The astonishing costs of raising a child: By the numbers


  8. When 10-year-old Antoine Burks’ house in Louisville, Ky., caught on fire, his first instinct was to get outside. But standing out there, watching his home burn down, he realized that his 6-year-old sister Trinity was trapped in the flames. So he bravely dashed back in to get her.

    "I thought, if something bad happened to her, it might have been my fault, because I’m the big brother and I gotta protect her," he said.

    Sibling saviors: 7 brave kids who risked their lives for family


  9. So this is weird.

    Authorities say some parents are ordering lollipops licked by children infected with chicken pox, and then giving the candy to their own kids on the theory that the exposure will build up their immunity without the need for shots. One doctor calls the trend a form of “Middle Ages vigilante vaccination,” and health officials warn it’s dangerous and illegal to send infected materials through the mail.

    "Can you imagine getting a package in the mail from this complete stranger that you know from Facebook because you joined a group, and say here, drink this purported spit from some other kid?” asks federal prosecutor Jerry Martin in Tennessee. What does it say that some parents actually think this is a good idea?


  10. mothernaturenetwork:

    Study confirms that men get a visceral desire to have babies like women do
    Men’s desire for babies actually increased as they age, while women’s baby fever decreases as they get older.


  11. House Republicans’ hopes of stripping all federal funding from Planned Parenthood hit a big obstacle Tuesday, and his name is Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass).

    The junior senator from Massachusetts (and one-time Tea Party favorite) said the measure simply “goes too far.” Two other GOP senators, Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), had already voiced their opposition to the House plan. But does having a male Republican vocally support “family planning and health services for women” effectively save Planned Parenthood’s $330 million from the chopping block?


  12. Feminists are mad at Natalie Portman for saying that motherhood is her ‘most important role.’


  13. Parents believe giving their child an unusual name will help him or her stand out as an individual in a crowded classroom and a crowded world, says Jean Twenge, a researcher at San Diego State University. There’s also the hope that a world where children’s names are routinely diverse may become a more tolerant place.

    But there’s also a downside: Narcissism.