On a beach in Odisha, an eastern Indian state, sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik crafts an elaborate if temporary salute to Obama’s win. Is that the Washington, D.C., skyline? We’re guessing yes.

    Photos of the world reacting to Obama’s win

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  3. Here is my 2012 United States presidential election projection. President Obama: 332 electoral votes … My outlier state is Florida. I think Obama will win Florida. Mitt Romney: 206 electoral votes.
    — Nailed it. Marc Ambinder, our very own Nate Silver.

  4. If the next Republican nominee pushes a platform that includes comprehensive immigration reform, including some form of legalization mechanism for current undocumented immigrants, then the party has a good chance of picking away a large number of Hispanics from the Democratic Party. The party could take the teeth out of the immigration issue entirely by compromising with President Obama on immigration during the next term.

    Marc Ambinder has some advice for the GOP

    What Republicans need to do now


  5. We got some great submissions in our latest caption contest. Here, some of our favorites.


  6. Mitt Romney was so sure he was going to win the election, he had a website ready to go live.



  8. Flag lady: As Obama delivered his victory speech, the internet’s collective eye zeroed in on one exuberant supporter in the background with a flag in her hair. 

    The 8 best photos, memes and gifs to emerge from Election Night





  12. Here are the latest electoral college results, according to theAssociated Press: Mitt Romney has 33 electoral votes, and President Obama has 3. There are 502 electoral votes still in play. A candidate needs 270 to win. Stay tuned for the latest, as we’ll continually update this post throughout the night.