1. It’s not that I think college is a bad choice for everyone… But considering that most of my friends work in jobs that have nothing to do with the subjects they studied in college, I feel pretty validated in my opinion. I mean, does anyone really need a biology degree to sell insurance?


  3. Why that guy keeps reminding you he went to an Ivy League school

    The Office's Andy Bernard went to Cornell — ever heard of it?


  4. The key here is this: Colleges need to get more specific about who they want to help, and why. Universities’ commitment to ‘diversity’ is important, but it’s a poor substitute for a policy of equal access for the disadvantaged because ‘diverse’ students and disadvantaged students are not necessarily one and the same.

  5. Inside the ISIS school curriculum

    The extremist education agenda bans music, sports, and more


  6. I have no problem with private education … except for what it does to public schools.

    I make six figures — and I still wouldn’t send my kids to private school

    Enrolling my kids in public schools turned out to be a choice I didn’t regret


  7. After controlling for how well students had actually done on the first two tasks, Lee and colleagues found that single-sex schools didn’t increase girls’ competitiveness — if anything, it magnified the gender gap.


  9. [I]f achievement is mostly a product of demography, why should a teacher be held responsible for large societal forces like poverty and inequality?

    What “no excuses” reformers get wrong about education

    Dana Goldstein’s excellent The Teacher Wars offers some useful lessons for those who want to transcend an age-old policy dispute




  12. Sunnie Kahle has short hair. She enjoys wearing sneakers and playing sports. She also “cries when she comes home because she wants to go back to Timberlake Christian [School] with her friends.” 

    8-year-old girl removed from school because she isn’t feminine enough


  13. Finally! This middle school solved the problem of hormonal, distracted, adolescent boys.

    JK they just enacted sexist policies that shift the responsibility to the girls.

    Middle school girls banned from wearing leggings so boys can focus on school work