3. It’s already well documented that you can get extremely paranoid from smoking too much weed or give yourself a terrible stomachache after a terrible case of the munchies.

    Now, add sudden death to the list of those fears.

    The Telegraph reported that 31-year-old Gemma Moss collapsed in her bedroom and died after toking on just half a joint. An autopsy revealed that there was nothing wrong with her except for “moderate to high “levels of THC in her bloodstream when she died, leading the coroner to believe she had a marijuana-induced heart attack and smoked herself to death.

    So, Can you really overdose on weed?


  4. "Wrongdoers": Not all rip-offs are financially motivated. Some are retaliation for a dealer that’s been slighted. Dealer “Lil Homie” had a customer that he initially treated fairly, he told the researchers, but when the customer repeatedly complained that he was being cheated, Homie took offense and got even by doing exactly what he was being accused of. “I had one dude who was always complaining about the price man. He used to piss me off…And I turned ‘round and charged him double because I told him the prices went up. Pissed him off.

    The secret logic of drug deals


  5. This happy guy, Sean Azziritti, was the first person in the state of Colorado to purchase legal, recreational marijuana.

    The first of many, it turns out: Day #1 of recreational pot in Colorado was a win for activists, civil obedience, and the burgeoning marijuana industry.


  6. Get ready for "super gonorrhea", just one of the new drug-resistant infections the CDC calls an “urgent health risk” to Americans.

    But why aren’t there new antibiotics?


  7. 39%; 44%

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s approval rating before the latest crack smoking revelations; and his rating after.

    Why is Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor so popular?


  8. $5 million; $80 million

    The amount of illegal drugs Uruguay recovers annually versus the amount spent to fight them. “As a business, this would be a disaster,” said President José Mujica.

    Is South America drawing down the drug war?


  9. What is molly? The party drug, explained.


  10. Why are smart kids more likely to do drugs?

    There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that a relationship exists between intelligence and drug use. Some of the greatest thinkers, artists, and musicians openly used illegal substances. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both admitted to taking LSD in their youth, and Sigmund Freud and Thomas Edison were avid cocaine users.

    Now there is mounting scientific evidence of a correlation between genius and getting high as well.


  11. The moment Armstrong lays blame on his sponsors (for tacitly knowing about it, and even funding his habit) or on the cycling world, or on anything else is the moment where you might want to just turn off the television, because you’ll know that he really isn’t very sorry for anything. He’s just sorry that the proof of his doping became too overwhelming for his own ego to continue to deny.
    — Marc Ambinder says Lance Armstrong deserves nothing

  12. You know the handheld shooters used to launch T-shirts into crowds at basketball games? Apparently, they can be used in other, very illegal ways.

    Last weekend, U.S. Border Patrol agents found 33 cans holding 85 pounds of marijuana scattered across a field near Yuma, Arizona. After a little more nosing around, they also found an empty carbon dioxide tank. Their conclusion: Mexican drug smugglers are now using pneumatic cannons — essentially larger cousins of the devices used in sports arenas — to shoot their wares at least 500 feet into the U.S.

    The can-shooting cannons are also suspiciously similar to ones built on the TV show Mythbustersanother possible inspiration.

    Keep reading

    PHOTO: David McNew/Getty Image

    (Source: theweek.com)


  13. "It was the whack heard around the world." In January 1994, at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Nancy Kerrigan was assaulted by a masked attacker who clubbed her in the knee, leaving her unable to skate. Her biggest rival, Tonya Harding, went on to a first-place victory, stirring rumors that she’d orchestrated the attack. Harding pleaded guilty to conspiracy that March to avoid possible jail time, but she maintains her innocence.

    Lance Armstrong and 9 other disgraced athletes