1. 500%

    The increase in cosmetic labia surgery in the UK since 2001.

    Plastic surgery’s newest obsession: The ‘perfect’ vagina


  2. Our newest infographic features some pretty shocking facts about our plastic surgery obsession. For example, teenage plastic surgery is on the rise. There were 14,000 procedures performed on teens in 1996, compared to 77,000 in 2011.


    (Source: theweek.com)


  3. Do my toes look fat?  

    Self-conscious about your toes? You aren’t alone. A growing number of patients are turning to podiatrists to reshape their lowermost appendages to make their toes thinner and more attractive. 

    With Americans now spending $10.4 billion annually on cosmetic surgery, is the latest ‘toe-besity’ craze just another egregious reason to go under the knife?

    (Source: theweek.com)