1. "I’ve always wanted to be a PlayBo Bunny… " — Submitted by Bobbie Liegus via Facebook.

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    Photo: CC BY: The White House

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  2. This photo of Obama and Romney meeting in the Oval Office deserves a good caption

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  3. Caption this!


  4. CAPTION CONTEST! Think you can come up with a funny caption for this image of Obama on the campaign trail? Share it with us! We’ll post the best responses tomorrow. Here’s how to enter.


  5. Caption contest! On Tuesday, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney took a break from debate prep to stop by a Denver Chipotle for lunch. While there, he took a few moments to pose with the fast food chain’s employees. The resulting image is "the only picture of Mitt Romney at Chipotle you will ever need," says The Atlantic. 

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  6. Why’s this woman packaged like meat? Why are Taiwanese men holding signs? What’s that Japanese macaque monkey’s story?

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    This week’s question: Now that Rep. Anthony Weiner has demonstrated once again how Twitter and texting can be hazardous to people with poor impulse control, please come up with a one-sentence Surgeon General’s warning for these addictive modes of communication.

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  8. In this week’s issue…

    In-depth briefing: Taming the Mississippi
    The Army Corps of Engineers reduced the impact of recent floods. But there’s a cost to controlling such a mighty river. Read it

    Book recommendations
    The New York Times Paris correspondent Elaine Sciolino recommends famous books by Wharton, de Laclos, and her Times colleague Maureen Dowd. See the books

    Hollywood will release a record 27 sequels this year, including the highest number of Part IV films ever. Please create a title for the most pathetic movie sequel you can imagine. (Here’s how to enter)


  9. In this week’s issue:

    Tornadoes: A guide to nature’s most violent storms
    Tornadoes are taking an especially high toll on the American heartland this year, and they’re still impossible to predict

    The last word: A different kind of sports hero
    When Muhammad Ali burst onto the scene, says Robert Lipsyte in his memoire, no one knew what to make of him

    Book recommendations from Chika Unigwe
    The Nigerian-born Belgian author recommends To Kill a Mockingbird and a Tolstoy classic — and reveals which book she’d like to marry



  10. Included in this week’s issue:

    • Last word: Made-up minds
      Chris Mooney explains the science behind why sometimes, no matter what the facts say, we can’t convince other people of the truth.
    • Best books
      Andrea Wulf, the author and design historian recommends both historical novels and works of nonfiction covering early American life
    • Contest
      Identify the next startling artifact to come out of Osama bin Laden’s lair…

  11. He had herbal Viagra, a video of himself watching himself on TV, and practice videos in which he flubbed his lines while threatening the Great Satan. In headline form, please identify the next startling artifact to come out of Osama bin Laden’s lair.

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