1. The reason we made this movie is because, in truth, we are big, big fans of the romantic comedy.
    The writer/director’s latest film is both a parody and a loving tribute to the genre

  2. James Franco and Seth Rogen’s ongoing bromance has borne yet another piece of fruit: The Interview, an upcoming comedy in which the duo travel to North Korea to assassinate real-life dictator Kim Jong-un.


  3. Tyra Banks wanted to be a sketch comedian, and other surprising comedy facts

    John Green rounded up 39 little-known facts about comedy for our friends at Mental Floss, and the Tyra tidbit is just one of many gems


  4. Come on, senator — no piece of paper can wipe the Canada off you.

  5. Jimmy Fallon is a chest hair-ripping sadist

    The “game” Jimmy Fallon trotted out on Wednesday night’s Tonight Show, “Wax On, Wax Off,” seems kind of enticing: If you answer a question correctly, you get $100; if you don’t, an oddly eager woman named Courtney will wax a strip of chest hair


  6. The lazy directing of modern American cringe comedy, explained

    Modern comedy is too often filmed in a kind of soap-opera style, like something shot for efficiency reasons, with characters mostly just talking to each other in close-up.


  7. Sarah Silverman doesn’t like being the textbook definition of ‘offensive’

    On Tuesday night’s Late Show, David Letterman asked comedian Sarah Silverman about her apparent inclusion in school vocabulary materials. Unsurprisingly, she isn’t happy about being, quite literally, the textbook definition of “offensive.” Silverman’s comedy does aim to push buttons and boundaries, but as she notes, “Hitler, al Qaeda, Don Sterling” would have been more appropriate choices.


  8. So GM’s known for a decade about a deadly design flaw, waited years to attempt to fix it, botched the fix, threatened to recoup legal costs from anybody who tried to litigate the issue, and then when the sh*t hit the fan, decided maybe it’s time to promote Car Gal.

  9. Chelsea Handler’s comedic personality isn’t always easy to love; like Schumer’s and Sarah Silverman’s, it’s aggressive, raunchy, and thrives on shock value. Ultimately, though, these are all personas meant to undermine the cultural expectations we place on women’s speech. In this particular comedic performance, no one is proverbially safe and there’s little room for niceness.

  10. Sometimes, compromise really isn’t best.

    The funniest #CivilWarCentrists tweets


  11. Bluh! I Bit Your Mother

    Dracula tells a bunch of kids about the time he turned their mother into a soulless vampy.

    How I Met Your Mother spin-offs that would be more interesting than How I Met Your Dad


  12. Parks & Rec stand-inBrooklyn Nine-Nine

    Why you should watch: Andy Samberg’s quirky cop show, which was created by one of Parks & Recreation's showrunners, was recently picked up by Fox for a full season despite good-but-not-great ratings. Sad Parks fans can find some solace here; much like the public servants of Pawnee, the ensemble of officers onBrooklyn Nine-Nine are weird but lovable, overly competitive, and frequently incompetent. Though Samberg’s Jake Peralta is at the center of the action, supporting characters like the yogurt-loving and princess-castle-building Terry Jeffords (played by former NFL player Terry Crews) steal the show. Like Parks & Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine also boasts its own prickly, deadpan department head prone to priceless reaction shots (Andre Braugher).

    Straight out of Pawnee: This scene of a youth outreach seminar gone wrong.

    6 comedies to watch while Parks & Recreation is off the air


  13. JOHN MULANEY: You tell a lot of funny stories on the new record. Stuff about being on the road. Were there any you left out that you would like to include here?

    ERIC HUTCHINSON: I told a story about playing a private concert for Fergie from Black Eyed Peas. My lawyers advised me to leave it off the record. […] I can’t say much about the Fergie story, except it ends with her trying to feed me a hamburger.