3. Why speculate about the near-future when you can speculate about the far future?

    Jon Stewart mocks the Clintons, the Bushes, Rick Perry, and the 2016-obsessed media

    Six months before the 2014 midterm elections, Jon Stewart is already sick of all the speculation about who will win… the 2016 presidential race


  4. Cartoon of the day: Getting comfy 
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  5. Cartoon of the day — Clinton’s common ground 
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  6. "You’re likable enough, Hillary." 

    Obama’s charisma proved to be a big asset in his hotly contested race against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary. On the debate stage, his smiles and jokes set him apart from Clinton’s more sober, wonkish policy explanations. “Obama’s charm fell short,” however, in the final debate before New Hampshire’s primary, says TIME, when a moderator asked Clinton about voters who were hesitating to back her because they liked Obama more.  

    Obama chimed in, saying, “You’re likable enough, Hillary.” The “backhanded compliment” backfired, triggering criticism from Clinton supporters that Obama was “cruel and insensitive, and voters handed him a stunning defeat in New Hampshire just a few days later.”

    Watch: Obama’s and Romney’s best (and worst) debate moments

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  7. "There is the danger that the eloquent Clinton could upstage Obama’s speech." — Steve Holland, Reuters 

    Bill Clinton is the marquee speaker at the Democratic National Convention tonight — and nobody knows what he’s going to say

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  8. Cartoon of the day — Eclipsed
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  9. Check out the Bad Opinion Generator for more of history’s worst predictions and opinions.

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  10. According to researchers who attached cameras to the collars of house cats, the felines killed an average of 2.1 animals per week. 


    Letting go of the wheel
    Google’s driverless car has successfully traveled 300,000 miles in testing without any accidents. [Tecca]

    Hillary’s cool factor
    Footage of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton busting a move while on a trip to South Africa goes viral. [Daily Dot]

    Solving problems over beer
    Two college students create a super PAC to raise money for a Congressional happy hour, theorizing that lawmakers might find more common ground if they were all tipsy. [Newser]


    Petty crime
    A Nevada man is arrested for fraud after he allegedly posed as rocker Tom Petty’s manager and falsely promised to book Petty and his band for an Amazon.com exec’s wedding. [The Daily]

    Cats’ cuddly image
    A new study finds that house cats are killing more wildlife — and not just birds — than previously thought. [Discovery News]

    Blowing even more money on lattes
    Starbucks inks a deal with mobile payment company Square that will soon let its customers pay for their overpriced beverages via smartphone. [Business Insider]

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  11. One of the first images captured by NASA’s Curiosity shows the rover’s own shadow as cast on the surface of Mars. 

    Sticking the landing
    After years of speculation, anxiety, and planning, NASA’s Curiosity rover successfully lands on Mars. [New York]

    Your bearded brethren
    Researchers find that facial hair provides an effective barrier to the sun’s U.V. rays. [The Frisky]

    Pixar superfans
    A robot enthusiast creates a life-sized, fully-functioning version of Pixar’s adorable, lonely Wall-E. [TIME]


    Insisting that “the flag was still there”
    The American flag blows off its mount as “The Star Spangled Banner” plays during Serena Williams’ medal ceremony. [Gawker]

    Appreciating the local wildlife
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is chased out of Malawi by a swarm of bees. [BuzzFeed]

    Olympic overexcitement
    An allegedly drunken spectator at the 100-meter men’s final in London gets a chop from a judo medalist after he throws a water bottle onto the track. [Discovery News

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  12. Cartoon of the day: Dusting off the sax 
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  13. Obama, Clinton, and the Egyptian Freedom Bandwagon

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