2. In a pebble-bed world, all carbon-based sources of energy would be permanently removed from the equation, whether we’re talking about coal-fired power plants or oil-powered cars.

    How to solve global warming in two easy steps

    It starts with a skyscraper full of vegetables







  8. We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change, and the last generation that can do something about it.

  9. But protest marches — even massive ones — do not translate neatly or reliably into public policy goals or changing public opinion. Sometimes they are forgotten nearly as soon as they end. So what happens now?

    400,000 Americans marched for climate justice. Now what?

    They’d better start winning some elections


  10. It’s time to declare war on climate change — literally
    Mobilizing all the U.S.’s resources will not only stave off catastrophic global warming, but also encourage innovation and economic progress

  11. If humans cause climate change, ‘why did the dinosaurs go extinct?’

  12. John Oliver and Bill Nye show the right way to debate climate science

    Oliver had Nye on to discuss man-caused global warming with a skeptic, but he made sure that this time the debate is statistically representative. Like most things on Last Week Tonight, it’s funnier than it sounds.


  13. Will the vanity of centrists doom us to climate disaster?

    Knee-jerk moderation is not the same thing as sensible risk management