1. Back to school, in any way possible

    Around the world, children creep along cliffs, paddle across swollen rivers, and navigate debris on their way to and from the classroom



  3. 6 things the happiest families all have in common

    Research shows that the number one predictor of a child’s emotional well-being is whether they know their family history




  6. Bricks from an outdoor fireplace? I could turn those into needle-point-covered door-stoppers, of course. Like my mother had.

    How I became a borderline hoarder

    For one writer, growing up with Depression-era parents was a lesson in thriftiness — to an extreme



  8. While not intentional or planned — or even something I would have chosen — formula-feeding helped us create egalitarian habits that remain with us today. I’m not saying I live in an equal parenting paradise, but bringing in formula nudged us much closer to 50/50, domestically and professionally, than we would have landed otherwise.

    How formula-feeding made my husband a better father

    Breast is best — except for equal parenting


  9. When you have a developmentally disabled child, a part of you does not want them to grow up. Watching their body outgrow their mind and ability to reason brings with it a terror all its own. You want to push the pause button — or better yet, hit rewind.

    When your special needs child becomes a special needs teen

    My daughter’s body is changing. But inside, she remains a child.


  10. Orphaned children and the abandoned dogs they love

    In Bangladesh, an Australian photographer finds a tight-knit, motley family



  12. Take a look at this week’s cover, featuring Hillary Clinton’s inevitable run at the presidency.


  13. 7 photos: Reaching through light

    Photographer Micaela Walker uses her lens to brighten young lives