1. It’s not a scandal. It’s a sex crime.


  3. Bill Murray crashed a bachelor party, gave an awesome speech

    Murray’s latest antics brought him to a Charleston bachelor party at a steakhouse this weekend, where he dispensed some wisdom about marriage before helping to pick up the groom-to-be in celebration


  4. Ryan Gosling enjoys knitting, and 47 other surprising celebrity hobbies

    Did you know that when he wasn’t hosting The Price is Right, Bob Barker took karate lessons from none other than Chuck Norris himself? Sure, successful people got where they are by being great in their fields, but even celebrities and millionaires have fun in their free time.


  5. Report: Beyonce’s sister attacked Jay Z in an elevator

    TMZ got ahold of this video that purports to show Beyonce’s sister, Solange, assaulting Jay Z in an elevator at the Standard Hotel last week — all while Beyonce looks on.


  6. James Franco reveals he doesn’t get (or care) how the internet works

    James Franco has turned his celebrity into something of a spectator sport — both wittingly and (probably) without meaning to. So he couldn’t have been too surprised when David Letterman chose to broach the topic of his Instagram account on The Late Show Thursday night.


  7. Surprise: Kerry Washington had a baby two weeks ago

    s the star of ABC’s Scandal, Kerry Washington is no stranger to keeping secrets — but it’s still pretty impressive that she managed to give birth two weeks ago without anybody noticing.


  8. The backlash against her Vogue cover is very telling

    Read more on this story here.

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  9. There is one thing she is exceptional at, an art that, like anything else, she mastered through discipline and well-played instinct. This is being famous.



  12. Today would have been Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio’s 60th wedding anniversary.

    Here, in photos, a romance for the ages…