3. Now you can create your own cat breed. Thanks science!


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    The week’s best editorial cartoons


  5. Cat-inspired inventions:

    Jack Randall Kidwell’s “Device for Collecting Cat Hair”

    James Piccone’s “Furniture Device for Cats”

    …and Leo O. Voelker’s no-muss no-fuss bird trap (that feeds your cat the trapped birds)

    12 bizarre cat-related patents


  6. A new study appears to confirm what Grumpy Cat already knows: Cats don’t really like it when you pet them.


  7. The world’s best coffee doesn’t come in a white cup with a green mermaid on the side. It falls from the rear end of a cat.

  8. timemillennials:

    Very honored to receive a submission from @SubtweetCat!



  9. Genetically modified animals that glow in the dark

    Scientists inserted a gene into cats that helps them resist Feline immunodeficiency virus—a close relative of HIV and tracked it with a green fluorescent protein. These cats appeared normal during the day, but can glow at night if prompted.

Thanks science.


  10. Come on, internet! A cat? As if we weren’t inundated with enough cats already? What’s next? Replacing the thimble with a tiny, alloyed Justin Bieber?

    while the iron has always been a tad inexplicable (Were you a housewife from the 50s? Steaming the competition?), it at least had the virtue of being a classic. In fact, it was a member of the original six metal tokens introduced in 1937, surviving purges in later years that killed the cannon.

    According to Neil Steinberg at The Chicago Sun Times, the iron is actually a remnant of metal-working in Chicago, which was “a center of the laundering profession” in the 1930s.

    So there you go. A small, metallic bit of American history. Tossed out for a cat.

    Why the new Monopoly cat token is an utter travesty


  11. Your cat is a killer. According to biologists, when they’re not curling up in your lap, cats are off killing other animals — billions of ‘em. Scientists from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the Fish and Wildlife Service estimate that each year, apparently bloodthirsty felines are preying on billions of birds and small mammals like indigenous chipmunks, shrews, and meadow voles. “When we ran the model, we didn’t know what to expect,” researcher Dr. Peter Marra told theNew York Times. “We were absolutely stunned by the results.”

    4 to 18 — Birds killed by a typical house cat every year
    8 to 21 — Small mammals killed by a typical house cat every year
    1.4 billion to 3.7 billion — Total birds killed by America’s cats every year

    More numbers


  12. America has a pet obsession

    (Source: theweek.com)


  13. Whore magazine? The Orange County edition of Where magazine had a little graphic-design mishap with the Fall 2012 cover. Photo: coverjunkie.com


    Getting off easy
    When the Chicago Public Library announces that it will overlook all overdue fines for a short period, a woman finds the courage to return a valuable copy of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray that her mother borrowed 78 years ago. [Consumerist]

    Finding a piece of tail
    A group of Belgian cat adoption agencies sets up Catroulette, a website based on Chatroullette, that allows users to skip through videos of cats and kittens until they find one to adopt. [The Daily What]

    Turning injury into art
    After a kid breaks his leg, his creative mom transforms the cast into a replica of his Adidas sneakers. [HyperVocal]


    Your arteries
    Baskin Robbins introduces Waffle Chip Dippers, a “nacho-like” frozen treat featuring a “dip” of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and M&M’s served with waffle and brownie “chips” for dipping. [Gawker]

    Those who love both space and trees
    To transport the 78-foot-wide Endeavor Shuttle though Los Angeles streets to its final resting spot in a museum, authorities must chop down 400 mature trees. [TIME]

    Art direction
    The cover of Orange County’s Where magazine goes viral after a designer positions a model’s head so it partially obscures the letter “e,” inadvertently making the publication’s title read as Whore. [Jezebel]

    (Source: theweek.com)