4. 'Hero cat' throws out the first pitch in the laziest way possible

    See for yourself how humiliated the cat looks




  7. Now you can create your own cat breed. Thanks science!


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    The week’s best editorial cartoons


  9. Cat-inspired inventions:

    Jack Randall Kidwell’s “Device for Collecting Cat Hair”

    James Piccone’s “Furniture Device for Cats”

    …and Leo O. Voelker’s no-muss no-fuss bird trap (that feeds your cat the trapped birds)

    12 bizarre cat-related patents


  10. A new study appears to confirm what Grumpy Cat already knows: Cats don’t really like it when you pet them.


  11. The world’s best coffee doesn’t come in a white cup with a green mermaid on the side. It falls from the rear end of a cat.

  12. timemillennials:

    Very honored to receive a submission from @SubtweetCat!



  13. Genetically modified animals that glow in the dark

    Scientists inserted a gene into cats that helps them resist Feline immunodeficiency virus—a close relative of HIV and tracked it with a green fluorescent protein. These cats appeared normal during the day, but can glow at night if prompted.

Thanks science.