1. Have you ever been at a coffee shop, probably working on a new screenplay, and thought to yourself, “Man, this Americano is tight — but it would be better with less bureaucratic waste and more free market principles”? Or maybe you’ve been out partying for the night with some buds when you suddenly realized that “YOLO” and “traditional family values” aren’t mutually exclusive.

    If thoughts like these have crossed your mind, then the Republican Party wants you to know it’s the party for you. To wit, the Republican National Committee is out with a new ad campaign featuring some rad young kids just like you explaining why they’re Republicans. 

    Watch these super-hip millennials try to convince you to vote Republican, because #responsibility



  3. Just like the candidates themselves, photographers can easily fall back on clichés — like the old candidate-waving-from-the-tarmac scenario, or the candidate reflected in sunglasses… 

    9 photojournalism tropes of the campaign trail


  4. In the social-media war between Obama and Romney, one appears to be ahead. Take a look at the numbers

    1.2 millionNew Facebook followers Obama gained in a burst last week following the second presidential debate

    21.2 millionNumber of Twitter followers Obama has

    1.5 millionNumber of Twitter followers Romney has

    37Tweets Obama’s campaign sent out during the second debate

    117,374Times they were retweeted

    2Tweets Romney’s campaign sent out during the second debate

    6,810Times they were retweeted

    More numbers…

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  5. "Mitt Romney. Taking on our enemies, no matter where they nest."

    A new Obama ad mocks Romney for his focus on Sesame Street instead of Wall Street. 

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  6. Say chee… Cheetos? 

    In Colorado Springs, Colo., artist Jason Baalman poses in front of portraits of President Obama and Mitt Romney that he made entirely of Cheetos — more than 2,000 of them. 

    See more photos from the campaign trail

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  7. Here’s the longstanding state of the race: A virtual tie nationwide, and mixed signals from the battleground states. We have achieved nothing over the last five months except an extended period of stasis, interrupted by gaffes and stumbles that have proven relatively meaningless.

    Edward Morrissey says that despite the media’s many premature post mortems, the presidential race is actually still quite close: How Mitt Romney can win the debates

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  8. When it comes to being relatable, President Obama may have one distinct advantage over Mitt Romney: He drinks. 

    Drinking isn’t an option for Mitt Romney — a devout Mormon whose religion bars him from boozing.

    "The president has played up his regular-guy credentials by regularly turning to public consumption of cool ones,” says David Freedlander at The Daily Beast.

    Is beer Obama’s secret campaign weapon? 

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  9. We put this piece together back in May, but it’s surfacing again as the frequency of the Obama emails increases, and the content looks more and more… like spam

    "Sarah Jessica is hosting"
    "Meeting you"
    "So, [name]" 


  10. Cartoon of the day — Taking a bite out of sound 
    STEVE SACK © 2012 Creators Syndicate

    More cartoons

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  11. Playing president: Obama campaign staff prepare the stage for the president’s July 5 event at the Wolcott House Museum Complex in Maumee, Ohio. Obama, who traveled by bus through Northern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania for his ”Betting on America” campaign tour, talked up his administration’s efforts to improve the economy by creating manufacturing jobs and rescuing the auto industry.

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  12. A taped ‘X’ marks the spot for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as introductions are made at a rally in Cornwall, Pa., on June 16. The stop was one of many during Romney’s six-state “Believe in America” bus tour, during which the GOP presidential candidate tried to connect with undecided voters and brush up on his ”small talk” skills. 

    More revealing photos from the campaign trail


  13. An aide carries President Obama’s golf clubs to a helicopter as the commander-in-chief prepares to leave Chicago for Los Cabos, Mexico. The golf-loving president (he recently completed his 100th round since moving into the White House) joined other world leaders in Mexico for a G20 summit to discuss the European debt crisis — and perhaps squeeze in a round of golf.

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