4. Imagine a solar-powered iPhone, or a Siri interface on an asteroid mining spaceship…

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  5. First of all, the “rich” are not a homogeneous minority group. Rich people come from all kinds of ethnic and gender backgrounds, sexual orientations, age groups, and political beliefs. And they are not in any way unrepresented in power. Rich people by definition have access to wealth, and thus political influence. This by definition makes them a political and economic powerhouse. Over half of the people in Congress are millionaires, compared to less than 10 percent of Americans generally.

  6. Japan is only the 15th largest consumer of American whiskey and bourbon.  So why did they just buy most of the American whiskey industry?


  7. How did we forget what we already knew? Why did Renaissance men feel able to indulge in off-topic hobbies that round off our core skills, but we don’t? Perhaps in these years of the quantified self, if it isn’t backed by science or quoted atop a noir-gif of Mark Zuckerberg then it doesn’t make sense to us.
    — Jack Flanagan, in Where are all the renaissance men?

  8. "Wrongdoers": Not all rip-offs are financially motivated. Some are retaliation for a dealer that’s been slighted. Dealer “Lil Homie” had a customer that he initially treated fairly, he told the researchers, but when the customer repeatedly complained that he was being cheated, Homie took offense and got even by doing exactly what he was being accused of. “I had one dude who was always complaining about the price man. He used to piss me off…And I turned ‘round and charged him double because I told him the prices went up. Pissed him off.

    The secret logic of drug deals


  9. $5 million

    Total sales legal marijuana operators ran up during their first 5 days of operation.

    Now Visa and other credit card companies want a cut of the riches.


  10. Fresh, high-quality ingredients.  Choose-your-own toppings.  And a miracle oven that can cook a pie in 2 minutes.

    Get ready for Chipotle’s next venture: Pizza


  11. Does this handful of horse pills resemble your daily cocktail of vitamin supplements?  

    Sorry to tell you, but they’re useless.

    How the vitamin-industrial complex swindled America


  12. The old rule that a guy has to spend 2 months’ salary on an engagement ring?

    Yeah, a marketing team made that up.

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  13. 94%
    — The proportion of doctors and lawyers who were white men in 1960.  Racism and sexism kept those professions homogenous, but it turns out less racism and sexism translates into better use of talent, more productivity, and actually creates economic growth.