1. "The de Lackner HZ-1 Aerocycle — unveiled in 1954 — required the poor grunt to stand on a platform above four whirling blades, which he then steered by tilting his bodyweight toward those fast rotating shards of metal.”

    The Pentagon’s 5 most ridiculous projects


  2. This just in: The United States military was reportedly testing a fearsome backup weapon if “Fat Man” and “Little Boy,” the respective code names for the two atomic bombs dropped over Japan in World War II, had failed to detonate.

    Documents recently unearthed by filmmaker Ray Waru reveal that the U.S. military was working with the New Zealand government to develop a devastating tsunami bomb, which was meant to send a 33-foot tidal wave crashing into Japan’s coast.

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  3. Photo of the day: Lebanese soldiers inspect damaged buildings at the scene of an explosion in the mostly Christian neighborhood of Achrafieh, Beirut. A car bomb ripped through the area on Friday, shearing the balconies off of apartment buildings, reportedly killing eight and wounding dozens more.

    PHOTO: AP Photo/Bilal Hussein

  4. Meet the five men who volunteered to stand under a nuclear bomb. 

    "They weren’t crazy," says Robert Krulwich at NPR. “They weren’t even being punished.” The experiment and footage come courtesy of the Air Force, which wanted to convince the American people that using nuclear missiles in the atmosphere was safe for everyone down below, and would even prove useful in the event of a Russian attack with similar nukes. ”They didn’t win this argument.”

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  5. Yemen’s bomb plot

    Is al Qaeda behind the attempted bombing aboard a U.S.-bound plane, and are more to come?

    "I believe the threat is certainly ongoing."  -John Brennan Deputy National Security Adviser

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