1. Happy 62nd birthday, Vladimir Putin!

    The ever immodest Russian premier was honored in Moscow in the most Putin-esque way possible



  3. It’s hard to believe that this beautiful heap of Beaux Arts majesty is 100 years old. But sure enough, Grand Central Terminal opened its doors to the commuting masses at midnight on Feb. 2, 1913, and soon became a world-renowned icon of transportation and capitalist might. In honor of Grand Central’s birthday, we take you back in time with 12 early, black-and-white snapshots of a timeless building, as well as the millions of busy travelers who have passed through it. 


    • Sunlight beams into the terminal, 1930. (Hal Morey/Getty Images)
    • Members of the National Boys’ Club offer Victory shoe shines to every man and women in uniform in Grand Central’s USO Lounge on April 6, 1943. (AP Photo/Dan Grossi)

  4. Do people with fall birthdays live longer? Researchers from the University of Chicago studied the lives of more than 1,500 people who were born between 1880 and 1895 who lived to be 100 or older. They found that most of the people who enjoyed extraordinarily long lives had birthdays in September, October, or November. 

    "Childhood living conditions may have long-lasting consequences for health in later life and longevity," says Leonid Gavrilov, one of the study authors. 

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  5. Happy 30th birthday to Prince William! 

    They sure grow up fast. It seems like only yesterday when he was hiding behind his mother’s skirt to escape the lenses of press photographers. From his first steps to his marriage to Kate Middleton last year, we’ve watched William, son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, grow up before our eyes.

    Here, a look back in photos…


  6. Today marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of the world’s biggest literary stars, Charles Dickens. The beloved British storyteller was the original literary celebrity and creator of more than two dozen works of fiction that have never gone out of print. His influence lives on in musicals, film, television, art, and literature. Here, a visual history of his life and enduring legacy.


  7. The alleged WikiLeaker turns 23 in solitary confinement today. Here, more from The Daily Beast.