1. Thousands of riders up early for the Five Boro Bike Tour. - Chris #biking #nyc


  2. The moment Armstrong lays blame on his sponsors (for tacitly knowing about it, and even funding his habit) or on the cycling world, or on anything else is the moment where you might want to just turn off the television, because you’ll know that he really isn’t very sorry for anything. He’s just sorry that the proof of his doping became too overwhelming for his own ego to continue to deny.
    — Marc Ambinder says Lance Armstrong deserves nothing

  3. NASA requires its astronauts to exercise on space flights to fight off the debilitating effects of zero-gravity on the body’s bone and muscle. But Sunita Williams, U.S. commander of the Expedition 33 crew at the International Space Station, took things to another level when she completed the first ever triathlon in space — running, biking, and even swimming to compete with Earth-based athletes 240 miles below in Southern California. 

    Since quarters are a bit cramped at the I.S.S., Williams used special exercise equipment to keep up with triathletes competing in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon in Southern California. For the half-mile “swimming” portion, Williams strapped into something called the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED), which uses weights to imitate water resistance while swimming through anti-gravity. For the 18-mile biking portion she used a stationary bike, and for the four-mile run she used a specially outfitted treadmill that strapped her in to keep her from floating off. 

    Watch Williams in action


  4. npr:

    Painted all white and adorned with colorful notes and flowers, ghost bikes are the cycling community’s equivalent of roadside shrines dotting the highway; they mark the spot where a rider was killed in traffic.

    via Where Cyclists Once Rode, Ghost Bikes Stand Vigil

    Photo: Nellie Large for NPR