5. Jay Z, Solange explain their brawl on SNL

    Jay Z and Solange went on Saturday Night Live this weekend (or at least their parody doubles did) to dispel all the rumors about their in-elevator altercation. After inserting the purported audio back onto the footage, they revealed that Solange wasn’t really wailing on Jay Z: She was wailing on a spider that was climbing all over him.


  6. Report: Beyonce’s sister attacked Jay Z in an elevator

    TMZ got ahold of this video that purports to show Beyonce’s sister, Solange, assaulting Jay Z in an elevator at the Standard Hotel last week — all while Beyonce looks on.


  7. 6 photos: See the glamorous fashions worn to the Met Gala

    The Costume Institute Gala — an annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute — was held in New York City on Monday night, and the event was filled with the biggest names in the entertainment, arts, fashion, media, and sports worlds. Attendees are asked to dress in the style of the year’s Costume Institute show, which for 2014 is “Charles James: Beyond Fashion.” The New York Times has an extensive photo gallery featuring the outfits worn by Kim and Kanye, Bey and Jay, Rihanna, Lupita Nyong’o, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour, and more.


  8. But the fact is, there is no Platonic ideal of a feminist. It is near impossible to eschew everything and anything that can be linked to the patriarchy, and even if one could, it would be an identity so radical that it would be nearly impossible to sustain. There is just no perfect way to resist centuries upon centuries of male dominance and occasionally put on lipstick and a pair of heels. Or even have a kid, for that matter. The good news is that past generations of women didn’t have to be perfect feminists to elicit change, and neither do we.


  10. Last week, Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Carter celebrated their fifth anniversary by visiting Cuba, along with their mothers and a small entourage of bodyguards. The power couple better known as Beyoncé and Jay-Z did what you’d expect of tourists to the historic capital of a tropical island: Walked around Old Havana in summer clothes, taking pictures (her) and smoking cigars (him); dined out in restaurants (even though, less typically, police had to be called to keep crowds of fans at bay) and on rooftop terraces; and danced to some of Cuba’s famous music.

    But tourism, of course, is prohibited under America’s 50-year-old trade embargo against communist Cuba. And living it up on “Cuba or, as the informed refer to it, ‘the island prison,’” makes Beyoncé and Jay-Z “useful idiots extraordinaire,” says A.J. Delgado at Mediaite. “While dining, partying, and enjoying the best Havana has to offer, Beyoncé and Jay-Z not only legitimize and support the repressive regime, with both their presence and their cash, but turn a blind eye, cruelly, to the perils and languishing of the Cuban people.” This is especially galling because they are “proud African-Americans,” and Cuba is “notorious for relegating its black population to second-class status, or worse.”

    How were Beyoncé and Jay-Z able to visit Cuba?


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