3. The week’s best photojournalism

    In some of the week’s most moving images, an astronaut peeks out from a spaceship, a collie keeps watch, and more


  4. In defense of pumpkin beer

    The much-maligned style is great for the craft beer industry — and it tastes good, too



  6. How to drink all night without getting drunk

    Boston Beer Company co-founder Jim Koch shared his simple secret to successfully staying sober with Esquire's Aaron Goldfarb


  7. Beer: You’re doing it wrong.

    Put down the Solo cup, back away from the frat house, and find the proper glassware for your favorite style of beer



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  11. It’s not just Utah. Archaic booze laws around the country are stifling business and keeping you from trying some unique, tasty brews.

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  12. Alcoholics are being organized to clean Amsterdam’s streets.  The city’s paying them—in beer.

    And it’s not such a bad idea, actually!


  13. …From an actual Oakland A’s giveaway. More strange and weird MLB giveaways here.