1. 26 Beatnik slang words and phrases we should all start using:

    • Dixie-fried — Drunk. “It’s Friday and the eagle flies tonight. Let’s go get dixie-fried.”
    • Jungled up — Having a place to live, or specific living arrangements. “All I know is that he’s jungled up with that guy he met at the gin mill last month.”
    • Pearl diver — A person who washes dishes. “I’m just a pearl diver at a greasy spoon, but it’s a job.” 
    • Off the cob — Corny. “Okay, some of this old Beat slang is kinda off the cob.” 
    • Quail hunting — Picking up women. “I’m going quail hunting and you’re my wingman.” 


    (Source: theweek.com)