2. Australian drops his new iPhone 6 on live television

    There probably isn’t a worse time to have butter fingers



  4. The week’s best photojournalism

    In some of the week’s most moving images, women string together flowers, a boy takes comfort in a kitten, and more




  7. New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles poster unwittingly contains 9/11 reference

    The poster was released — and retracted — by Paramount’s Australia branch this morning



  9. America’s political class has shown itself in the past few years to be as dysfunctional as we’ve seen European problem states to be — including Italy right now. Apparently it doesn’t take old and new rivals Russia and China to shove the West down the staircase. We do it ourselves.

    Clemens Wergin, in Germany’s Die Welt.

    5 opinions on the U.S. government shutdown from abroad


  10. As the moon passes the sun, the ghostly tendrils of the outer atmospheric layer, the “corona,” are visible, providing scientists a moment of focused attention on our mysterious star. 

    7 stunning images from Australia’s rare total solar eclipse


  11. As global temperatures rise, the grapes in Australia’s wine regions are ripening ever earlier, according to a new study. That’s a problem for vintners, because early ripening “often has undesirable impacts on wine quality.” The earlier the grapes mature, the hotter the weather at the time of harvest, and “hot vintages are not good for quality wines.” So, just how much is climate change affecting grape harvests?

    (Source: theweek.com)


  12. This is the massive size of the Australian cyclone Yasi, relative to the size of the entire U.S. (image from the Herald Sun).

    The Category 5 cyclone is one of the biggest — and likely most catastrophic — storms ever to hit Australia. It’s 310 miles in diameter and expected to have wind speeds at 186 mph. More info on the storm here.


  13. "At one stage, an area the size of France and Germany combined was under water,” says The Economist.