1. The surprising beauty of tar and dust

    Photographer Matthew Brandt creates astounding images with extremely old-school methods




  4. It’s difficult to imagine that editors, curators, or gallery owners are consciously excluding women, but both Gallery Talley and VIDA’s counts show gender discrimination is as present as ever. There is an important discussion to be had about inequality in the culture industry and the industry should welcome it rather than defensively stick their heads in the sand.


  6. Look closely at the picture above. What you’re actually looking at is a work of art by Johannes Stotter. Despite its extremely photographic nature, it’s actually a painting.

    Even more shocking is the canvas isn’t cloth. It’s a woman covered in body paint.

    How optical illusions trick your brain, according to science



  8. Check out this week’s cover!



  10. This San Francisco project inspires students to shoot the world as they see it. 

    9 photos of a Hipstamatic teen spirit



  12. This week’s podcast explores The Fly Room and the foundation of modern genetics.

    Read more on this story and see photos of The Fly Room here.

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