1. Imagine a solar-powered iPhone, or a Siri interface on an asteroid mining spaceship…

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  2. We’re gaining the ability to track how often we listened to pop hits, and how much time we waste on Facebook. Soon we may be letting Apple listen to the sound of our blood in hopes that the information will inspire us to become fit. Big Brother is now the geeky shlub in the mirror: you.
    — Michael Brendan Dougherty, in Our hacked lives

  3. Finally, you can enlarge a Web page.


  5. The stories behind 3 great business mantras

    Ever wonder where Google’s “Don’t be evil” manifesto came from? What about Apple’s “Think different”?


  6. WATCH: Steve Jobs considers his legacy in an unreleased clip from 1994

    "This is not a field where one paints a painting that will be looked at for centuries," says Jobs. "This is a field where one does one’s work, and then in ten years, it’s obsolete.”


  7. iOS 7’s most important new feature

    In spring 2012, a talented young New York City chef named Hwangbum Yang, 26, was headed uptown after a typically long shift at The Modern — a trendy restaurant tucked away in a Manhattan art museum. A Sunday school teacher and son of immigrant parents, Yang dreamed of one day returning to Korea after making a name for himself as a premier chef in the big city.

    That night, however, his dream of making his parents proud was abruptly cut short. About two blocks away from his apartment in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, a twenty-something in a grey hoodie stopped in front of Yang and fired a single shot straight into his chest. According to an eyewitness, the thief then kicked over Yang’s body, quickly rummaged through his pockets, and took his iPhone. A wallet full of cash was left behind.

    Police later found the budding chef’s phone on Craigslist. The asking price? $400.

    A look at iOS 7’s kill switch.


  8. Hallelujah!

    In case you weren’t around when a noisy chorus of iPhone fans made Twitter explode Wednesday night, you’ll be pleased to hear that Google Maps is now available for Apple’s iOS. Critics agree: It’s better than ever

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  9. Cartoon of the day: iLost a job
    DAN WASSERMAN © 2012 Tribune Media Services

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  10. The new iTunes has arrived. Here’s why you should download it now

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  11. Cartoon of the day — Apple leads us astray
    MIKE KEEFE © 2012 Cagle Cartoons

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  12. "It’s hard to remember if Steve Jobs ever made an apology to customers," says Tom Taulli at InvestorPlace. “But perhaps he didn’t have to because he always seemed to launch insanely great products.”

    In which Tim Cook looks very sad, apologizes for Apple Maps, and is once again compared to Steve Jobs.


  13. The decision to drag its feet on a new Apple-approved Google Maps could be the smartest move for Google. Its more reliable mapping program gives Android a leg up on Apple and gives the company a clear advantage that any consumer can easily understand.
    Shara Tibken at CNET.
    Google chairman Eric Schmidt says the company has no immediate plans to bring Google Maps to Apple’s App Store, much to the annoyance of iOS users. Is this a smart move for Google?

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