1. Inside nature’s most painfully bizarre sexual ritual

    It involves sex-reversed genitalia and a barbed, inflatable member


  2. Watch a tiny puppy squirm in Curtis Granderson’s baseball mitt

    Given the Mets’ lineup woes, who knows, maybe they will sign a canine to man the infield this year, if only to boost slumping ticket sales.




  5. How some bugs are like bad Elvis impersonators

    For many species, mimicry is the key to survival. Good thing they don’t have to be all that great at it.


  6. How ants use ‘death signals’ to scavenge for food

    European biologists have finally found the cause of ants’ uncanny ability to locate far-flung meals


  7. Why don’t different species have sex more often?

    If the various hybrids that have recently been discovered, and those that might be on the way, can reproduce (a “grolar” bear examined in 2010 was a second-generation hybrid, suggesting the hybrid bears, at least, are fertile in the wild), the animal kingdom could become more and more of a melting pot.



  9. This cricket virus not only effectively castrates its hosts, but encourages sexual activity like an aphrodisiac

    Read about one of the sickest, most twisted STDs that nature has to offer


  10. (Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images News)

    Here’s your feel-good moment for today — 4 photos of Sochi strays arriving in the U.S. for adoption



  12. This parasitic coming-of-age tale will make your skin crawl and your heart weep.

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