Bling that sings
    A design student creates a special pair of grills (a piece of gold or platinum status jewelry that encases your teeth) that can function as a tongue-controlled mp3 player. [New Scientist]

    Dressing together to stay together
    A Nebraska couple says the secret to the success of their 64-year marriage is the matching floral outfits they wear every day. [The Daily What]

    Monetizing anger
    Rovio Entertainment is set to release its first ever Angry Birds-themed credit card in Russia. [TIME]


    Leading by example
    Mitt Romney launches an iPhone app with a glaring typo that calls for “a better Amercia,” prompting a flurry of proofreading-themed humor. [Tecca]

    A man attempts to pay for his meal at Denny’s with $1 and a bag of marijuana, but flees without his food after the cashier calls the cops. [Death & Taxes]

    Mystery packages
    An unidentified sender mails Canada’s Conservative party headquarters a blood-soaked box containing a severed foot. [Newser]

    (Source: theweek.com)


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  3. The Everett, Wash., Police Department parking lot has come under attack from a flock of courageous crows.

    Like a scene pulled from the video game Angry Birds, the crows “dive-bomb” officers as they walk from their cruisers into the precinct building. “They’re like velociraptors,” says one lieutenant. Retaliation from the officers has only resulted in a torrent of droppings from above. Worse, the birds are conspiring: Three birds have been seen working as a team, with two causing a distraction while the other strikes.

    Despite the nuisance, a city spokesman says they police and city workers will “wait out the aggression,” so as to not provoke the crows any further. In the meantime, employees should “use umbrellas to defend themselves if need be.”

    Luckily, video is available.