4. How can we all make better decisions? When life and death is on the line what methods do the pros consistently rely on? It’s ‘arousal control.’

    The secret to handling pressure like astronauts, Navy SEALs, and samurai

    150 miles above the Earth is no place for panic



  6. Live and let live.

  7. 7 ideas from ancient thinkers that will improve your modern life

    Science has validated many of the lessons ancient thinkers knew but could not prove


  8. Last month, Wired did a study of dating profiles with the help of OkCupid and Match.com in order to assemble some tips on writing the perfect profile. Here are 7 things they discovered from crunching the numbers on the words people use in their dating profiles

    Spoiler: writing “whom” is hot, “God” not so much.


  9. "Marriage isn’t a lovey-dovey thing, y’know, for 80 years.  You learn to accept one another’s way of life.”

    Relationship advice from America’s longest-married couple


  10. I always have to know my characters in a lot of depth — what clothes they’d choose, what they were like at school, etc. And I know what happened before and what will happen after the part of their lives I’m dealing with. I can’t see them just now, packed into the stress of the moment.

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  12. Are you grappling with sticky, not-so-easy-to-answer problems in your relationship? TheWeek.com’s wonderful advice columnist, Starshine Roshell, might be able to give you some Tough Love.

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  13. Sexual experience is overrated. You’ll have to take my word for this, but plain old frantic, fumbling, basic-biology intercourse feels crazy, ungodly good, so you don’t get a ton of bonus points for having “moves” or encyclopedic nudity know-how.