1. Hollywood can’t know audiences want something different if we don’t show that desire. We’ve reached the point that it will take effort to fight the blockbuster rabbit hole. It will continue getting harder to find anything diverse at the theater, and on shelves, if we don’t make the effort to see them when they come out now.

    Why audiences are responsible for the future of cinema

    It’s easy to succumb to Hollywood’s multimillion marketing campaigns — but cinephiles need to resist




  4. Though reports of a pending ObamaCare death spiral — in which not enough young people sign up and cause the market to implode — appear to have been greatly exaggerated, ObamaCare supporters at the state and federal level are making a concerted push to attract this crucial demographic.

    So how do you market ObamaCare to millennials? Here are 11 attempts.


  5. Does this handful of horse pills resemble your daily cocktail of vitamin supplements?  

    Sorry to tell you, but they’re useless.

    How the vitamin-industrial complex swindled America


  6. Tip and Tap (West Germany, 1974):

    Pros: Two doofy, chipped-tooth, red-faced dudes.

    Cons: Midriff shirts.

    All the World Cup mascots, ranked


  7. For millennials, your bread is your signature. Millennials need to have something that says who they are — uniquely them. The more unique the better — hold the raisins.

  8. On this day in 1970, President Nixon signed a bill limiting cigarette advertisements on TV and radio. Nixon, who was an avid pipe smoker, indulging in as many as eight bowls a day, supported the legislation at the urging of public health advocates. There had been warnings about the dangers of smoking as far back as 1939, and by the end of the 1950s, all states had laws banning the sale of cigarettes to minors. In 1964, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) agreed that advertisers had a responsibility to warn the public of the health hazards of cigarette smoking.

    Here’s what else happened on this day in history


  9. In an attempt to reassure consumers that drinking sugary, carbonated beverages is a-okay, Coca-Cola has released two new commercials highlighting the ways the company is helping to reduce obesity. ”Across our portfolio of over 650 beverages, we now offer over 180 low- and no-calorie choices,” says the narrator of one commercial, titled “Come Together.” The ad goes on to say that calories from soda are no different than any other calories we put into our bodies every day, and suggests that it’s the consumer’s responsibility to burn off what he or she takes in.

    A second commercial says a can of Coke contains 140 “happy” calories that can be spent doing “happy” things, like walking your dog and laughing out loud.

    (Source: theweek.com)


  10. Vogue publishes fashion spread "celebrating Hurricane Sandy’s first responders," offends pretty much everyone.


  11. Honda has designed the Fit She’s, “the only car model aimed exclusively at women.” The designers took a regular Honda Fit and made it “adult cute.” The seats, steering wheel, and floor mats are all stitched in pink, and the apostrophe in “She’s” is shaped like a heart. Wrinkles, be gone: A special windshield cuts ultraviolet rays, and the AC unit allegedly improves the driver’s skin quality.

    7 patronizing for-women-only products

    (Source: theweek.com)


  12. In the first half of a new commercial from Luvs Diapers, a frazzled first-time mom sits alone in a restaurant, struggling to breastfeed her son under a blanket so as not to offend her fellow patrons. Cut to the second half of the clip, and a slightly older and wiser mom is in the same restaurant, this time breastfeeding her second baby in plain view while her firstborn, now a few years older, sits beside her. The shocked waiter can’t take his eyes off the woman’s chest, but the cool-headed and confident mom handles it like a pro, pointing to her face and saying, “Hey, up here.” 

    Luvs’ new ‘public breastfeeding is awesome’ ad


  13. Pizza Hut Malaysia is offering a “squirting crust" pizza that oozes a “burst of garlic Napoli sauce and cheese” after every bite. Even more bizarre than the messy pie is the ad promoting it, which chronicles every girl’s dream: Getting engaged at the local Pizza Hut after biting into a gushing piece of experimental pizza.

    Don’t worry, there’s more where that came from. 6 strange Pizza Hut ads from around the world