1. In terms of the actual physical experience, imagine something like this: Forgo sleep for 24 hours, skip lunch and dinner, stand outside of a house in the rain at 3 a.m. for several hours, take a cab to the airport and finally board a plane to a large city for a four-hour flight. Repeat this regimen for several days in a row.

  2. We need to be more like Disney World.



  5. It’s important that the league get a handle on this and have a zero tolerance.

  6. Washington Post columnist calls rape victimhood a ‘coveted status’

    The White House’s efforts to target campus rape have produced a  number of disheartening responses, and the latest is from Washington Post op-ed columnist George Will, who says that colleges have “become the victims of progressivism.”



  8. Responses like Beck’s promote victim-blaming and hinder the government’s efforts to make college campuses safer for all students. Ending sexual assault is a message all Americans, no matter what their political beliefs, should embrace — turning sexual violence investigations into an Obama attack is a low blow, even for Beck.

  9. [The] gloves are coming off — this is hand-to-hand combat, and the GOP will not be the Jay Z to Hillary’s Solange.

    Stephen Colbert figures out that Hillary Clinton is Solange to the GOP’s Jay Z

    After a Harry Potter quip and very well-received jokes about how Hillary got to the White House the first time around, Colbert reached a not-very-surprising conclusion about what to expect in the 2016 race. Hint: It rhymes with bud-clinging.


  10. Joel McHale burns Chris Christie as a ‘glutton for punishment’

    White House Correspondents’ Dinner emcee and The Soup host Joel McHale pulled no punches Saturday night in skewering everyone and everything in Washington. But he reserved his harshest criticisms for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), dinging the governor again and again as, more or less, a big fat jerk.


  11. This is the most Joe Biden-y photo you’ve seen all year

    It was one of FDR’s vice presidents, John Nance Garner IV, who is credited with comparing his heartbeat-away-from-the-presidency office as “not worth a bucket of warm piss.” That’s kind of the premise of Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ well-regarded HBO show. In this photo — maybe the most Joe Biden-y photo ever, second only to The Onion's iconic photoshopped shirtless Joe Biden washing a Trans-Am at the White House — Joe Biden doesn’t make the office look all that shabby.



  13. The movement to end sexual assault on college campuses is more powerful than it has ever been. That’s extremely important. After all, a recent government report states that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted while in college, and that too many higher education institutions fail to enforce federal law when it comes to punishing perpetrators, supporting survivors, and publishing campus crime statistics.

    America’s sexual assault debate wrongly focuses on college students over everyone else

    We should be working to end sexual assault everywhere.