1. This cricket virus not only effectively castrates its hosts, but encourages sexual activity like an aphrodisiac

    Read about one of the sickest, most twisted STDs that nature has to offer


  2. There have been several HIV scares when I had to make those phone calls and figure out for myself how close I was to patient zero. There are no groups within porn protecting performers; it’s always been up to performers to keep track of their scene partners, to check tests for themselves, and to make those phone calls no one wants to make.

  3. Russia’s answer to sex ed: Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy?

    There are some obvious reasons why relying on Russian classics to teach children about contraception and STD prevention is a horrible idea. Russian literature may teach us much about love and passion, but the technicalities of sex are largely absent. Nowhere in Fathers and Sons is there a helpful lesson on the ways herpes can be transmitted. Nor is there a scene in Uncle Vanya that confirms that you can, in fact, get pregnant from having sex underwater.


  4. Advice to live by: “Condoms can reduce the spread of STDs, but ain’t no prophylactic can staunch the spread of lies.”

    Our new advice columnist, Starshine Roshell, is kicking things off today at TheWeek.com. Her first (really tough) question: How do I tell my crush I have herpes?


  5. Diagnosing STDs with your phone is now a real possibility.

    To encourage more young people to get tested for STDs, British health officials have developed a private, high-tech way to let them test themselves. It involves a computer, a chip, and a urine or saliva sample.

    Users would place a urine or saliva sample on a small, disposable (thank God it wouldn’t be reusable) chip that would retail for a buck or two. The chips be sold at nightclubs, drug stores and pharmacies (kind of like condoms), and would be inserted into a phone or computer which would then test it for a range of infections and pop out results within minutes. Weird.

    "Seriously, we could not make this stuff up if we tried."

    Photo credit: CC BY Marco Arment