1. For all people — but particularly for someone with depression — comedy is an act of courage.

    Robin Williams: A remembrance

    A tribute to the beloved, versatile actor, who died today at age 63


  2. The Week has lost a friend, a mentor, and the man whose passion and flair helped make this company what it is today



  5. An ode to Maya Angelou

    The beloved poet and author is gone. Her inspiring words will stir people for generations to come.


  6. Maya Angelou dies at 86

    Angelou shot to literary fame when she chronicled her tumultuous early life in the 1969 autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, which remains a definitive and beloved American literature classic 45 years after its original publication. In the decades that followed, Angelou worked as an author, poet, playwright, screenwriter, actress, scholar, and even a cookbook writer.


  7. We remember Philip Seymour Hoffman through his eclectic, iconic filmography.

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  9. Jonathan Faull remembers his country’s beloved leader.

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  12. On my last day I want to know that those who remain behind will say: The man who lies here has done his duty for his country and his people.

  13. RIP Futurama — for the fourth time.

    We watched all four endings to try and figure out which one does the show justice.