2. I traveled to Detroit, Michigan, and toured the famed Hitsville, USA. Here are my favorite stories about the Motown record label.

  3. Rep. Lisa Brown Mich., has been reprimanded by House Republicans for using the word “vagina”: Brown responded by saying, “If I can’t say the word vagina, why are we legislating vaginas?” 


    Weapons of mass deliciousness
    The U.S. Army celebrates its 237th birthday with a cupcake-shooting tank. [GlobalPost]

    Moving to the sticks

    A new report finds that parents in rural areas spend 20 percent less to raise a child than urban families do. [The Daily]

    A forever-young fish
    The goldfish a British man won when he was 4 years old is still alive and swimming for its owner’s 28th birthday. [Discovery News]


    Coping quietly with culinary disappointment
    A man calls 911 after a deli gets his sandwich order wrong and ignores his request for a “lot of mayonnaise.” [Gothamist]

    Anatomical correctness
    A Michigan lawmaker is banned from the House floor after she uses the word “vagina” while criticizing an anti-abortion bill. [New York]

    Nurturing the young
    Jimmy Kimmel hooks a young boy up to a fake lie detector and gets him to spill his secrets on live television. [Business Insider]


  4. Looks like there’s still some sweet stuff coming out of Detroit. The city will be the backdrop for a new film called Forgotten Detroit, a story about “knowing when to let go, but more importantly, knowing why to let go.” Paul Walter Hauser (from ‘Community’, ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, and What’s Wrong with Virginia) and cinematographer Mike Berlucchi have joined the project.

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