1. Listen to Michael Jackson’s new song ‘XSCAPE’

    Jackson’s vocals were recorded in 2001 during his sessions for Invincible, and the song is a pretty satisfying blend of funk, pop, and classic Michael.


  2. The Wendy’s worker-training video was pretty bad. But it pales in comparison to this vintage gem from McDonald’s, which has a Michael Jackson impostor.

    From: The 7 best worker-training music videos


  3. The American Music Awards celebrated its 40th anniversary Sunday with a rather colorful telecast that brought together the country’s most popular musicians, singers, and songwriters.  In one of the night’s biggest (and most awkward) moments, Jenny McCarthy accosted winner Justin Bieber with kisses.

    Here, a look back at 11 more iconic snapshots from the AMA archives.

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  4. MIT Researchers programmed a group of humanoid robots from Aldebaran Robotics to dance in unison to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” by sensing their environment and coordinating their movements through a central server — rather than trying to awkwardly follow one another directly. This way, even if a robot gets out of step, it can catch up with its peers by communicating with the hub. Bacteria and some insects employ a similar technique called quorum sensing

    Watch the amazing robots that do the ‘Thriller’ dance in sync

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