4. No one was to know, not even my wife or family, no one knew what was going to happen. Nobody knew beforehand.

  5. Like last week’s “The Strategy,” Mad Men’s midseason finale “Waterloo” was so rich and satisfying that it could have been the series finale….With its ultimate end in sight, Mad Men has been firing on all cylinders, and “Waterloo” is a textbook example of this show at its very best.
    A sad loss also marks a new beginning for both Don Draper and Sterling Cooper

  6. Their gentle, wordless dance to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” will undoubtedly figure into a thousand fan-fiction scenarios to come, but Don and Peggy’s connection goes deeper than physical attraction. It’s a shared worldview that makes them different than anyone else around them — including the people they love.

    Mad Men recap: ‘The Strategy’

    An emotionally gripping episode sees Don Draper and Peggy Olsen forming a new kind of family


  7. Mad Men has always been a series about escape, but season seven has seen our heroes sticking around longer than it seems like they should have. “Get out while you can!” is advice that both Don and Megan could probably use about their marriage — and professionally, it’s an opportunity that Don turned down at a pivotal moment this season.

    Mad Men recap: ‘The Runaways’

    An offbeat episode of the AMC drama packs in drugs, sex, and a disturbing mental breakdown


  8. Computers, for all their blatant foreshadowing, aren’t Don’s biggest problem right now; instead, he’s stuck with the problems of the here and now.

    Mad Men recap: ‘The Monolith’

    It’s time for Don Draper and Roger Sterling to face the consequences of their actions


  9. Even if Don really has changed, can he convince anyone else that he’s no longer the Don Draper they all expect him to be? We’re only as good as our reputation, and Don’s record of backsliding speaks for itself.

    Mad Men recap: ‘Field trip’

    This isn’t the Don Draper we thought we knew


  10. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner reflects on the show’s legacy

    "I want to end ‘Mad Men,’ as a writer, the way I think the story was told."


  11. I want to end Mad Men, as a writer, the way I think the story was told. That’s what I’m interested in. It is weird that, in the future, if anybody’s watching this show, they will know the whole story.
    — Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner reflects on the show’s legacy