1. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner reflects on the show’s legacy

    "I want to end ‘Mad Men,’ as a writer, the way I think the story was told."


  2. I want to end Mad Men, as a writer, the way I think the story was told. That’s what I’m interested in. It is weird that, in the future, if anybody’s watching this show, they will know the whole story.
    — Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner reflects on the show’s legacy



  5. Sofia Vergara can’t believe that Anna Chlumsky deserves an Emmy more than she does.

    Who should win and who will win at the 2013 Emmys



  7. Mad Men recap: “The Quality of Mercy”

    For all his faults, Pete is too smart to make the same mistake twice, and he uses the information he’s gained not to burn a bridge with Bob, but to build a new one. “I don’t know how people like you do it,” says Pete, before apologizing to Bob and laying down a set of ground rules to smooth over their personal and professional ifferences.

    Which raises the question Mad Men has been quietly teasing all season: Is Bob Benson the next Don Draper? It’s hard to say — but if “The Quality of Mercy” is any indication, Bob Benson might want to avoid the path that would turn him into Don Draper 2.0. 


  8. Mad Men recap: ‘Favors’

    In her attempt to cover up the minor embarrassment of her own romantic interest in Mitchell Rosen, Sally has been unwittingly exposed to the deeply dysfunctional sexual escapades of the so-called adults in her life.

    In many ways, Sally’s genuine horror at what she sees proves her to be more of an adult than her father, who has spent much of the season showcasing just how undeveloped and petty he really is. 


  9. Mad Men recap: Fifty Shades of Draper

    In the wake of the merger, the office is in chaos, but Don abstains to engage his neighbor/mistress Sylvia in a game of Fifty Shades of Draper. Don’s relationships are predicated on control, and he’s generally very good at getting people to go along with what he wants. It’s why Don was so unnerved by Megan’s freewheeling, seductive performance of “Zou Bisou Bisou” in the season five premiere, and why he was incredulous when Peggy actually quit to work for Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough. In those cases, he found ways to draw both women back into his fold, but his power is clearly waning; Megan cries alone at the news of Robert Kennedy’s death, and Peggy bitterly insists that Don “move forward.”


  10. Check out the new promotional poster for the sixth season of Mad Men. The sketched-in “bubble and streak" poster was drawn by 75-year-old Brian Sanders — a man who actually worked in magazine illustration during the era Mad Men depicts. The poster shows a dark-suited Don walking away from Madison Avenue, holding hands with a woman, as he passes a light-suited double of himself walking in the opposite direction. Three police officers stand in the background. 

    Of course, we don’t actually know what’s going to happen — and series creator Matt Weiner is notoriously silent about plot details. But we can infer a few things from this intriguing, surreal poster. The two Dons probably symbolize our protagonist’s internal battle; the one walking away from Madison Avenue holds the hand of a woman, and the one walking toward Madison Avenue holds a briefcase, which suggests a conflict between Don’s personal life and his work. And as for the police: Is it possible that Don’s shady past has finally caught up with him? 

    The evolution of Mad Men as seen through its posters


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    Set Photos: Mad Men season 5 | EW

    Hooray for exteriors! Also, anachronisms!