1. It might be easy to forget, but Lady Gaga is still around. She really wanted you to know that in a bizarre performance last night at South By Southwest.

    Watch Lady Gaga roast a pig, ride a bull, and get ‘puked’ on at SXSW


  2. Lady Gaga has threatened to file a lawsuit against The Icecreamist, a London confectioner that sells “Baby Gaga” ice cream — a frozen mix of vanilla pods, lemon zest, and breast milk — in cocktail glasses for about $22 a serving.

    Gaga’s lawyers called the stunt flavor “deliberately provocative and, to many people, nausea-inducing.

    "And this is coming from the woman who wears the flesh of rotting cows as an awards-show gown," says the ice cream parlor’s owner Matt O’Connor. "She is acting like a big baby who is crying over spilled breast milk."


  3. Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga?

    …Just some of the women being considered to play Whitney Houston’s character in a remake of ‘The Bodyguard.’ In the new version, the bodyguard character will reportedly be an Iraq War veteran rather an ex-Secret Service agent, and internet stalking will be involved.

    Jennifer Hudson is also a possible candidate. “She’d bring the darn house down in this role,” says Kat Rosenfield at MTV.

    Here, some other contenders.


  4. I was thinking of arriving to work in an egg today.
    — Overheard at The Week offices.

  5. 'Born This Way': A shameless Madonna ripoff?

    We love ya, Gaga, but your new single seems to be born almost identically to the Madonna classic, “Express Yourself…”

    Here’s what people are saying about it