1. When did you start caring so much about the brain fitness of those who have to hold the Oval Office?

    Jon Stewart turns the tables on Karl Rove for his Hillary Clinton conspiracy

    Not even Karl Rove seems convinced about the wisdom of Rove’s suggestion that possible 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton suffered brain damage in late 2012. 


  2. Sometimes numbers and facts are irrefutable — sometimes when you lose you can no longer credibly scream victory in the face of defeat, as Karl Rove tried to do in his now-famous election night meltdown ranting against Fox News’ own statisticians. Rove may still be in denial, but Fox News for their part is facing reality and moving on.

    Alex Moore at Death and Taxes. Since the November election, two of Fox News' most prominent political commentators — Karl Rove and Dick Morris — “have virtually vanished,” says Howard Kurtz at The Daily Beast, “seemingly airbrushed from the airwaves.”

    Why Fox News had to bench Karl Rove

    (Source: theweek.com)


  3. "Forget Barack Obama and Mitt Romney," says Matt Negrin at ABC News. The battle for the White House may have been the most momentous event on Tuesday, but "the most exciting matchup of the night was between Karl Rove and his employer, Fox News."

    After the network’s decision desk called Ohio — and thus the presidency — for Obama at little after 11 pm (ET), the GOP strategist and super PAC kingpin protested (and protested), arguing that there were too many votes left, that Romney was closing the gap, and that Fox should un-call Ohio. “That’s awkward,” said anchor Megyn Kelly.

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