1. The mafia that invests, that launders money, that therefore has the real power, is the mafia which has got rich for years from its connivance with the church. These are the people who are getting nervous.

    Italian prosecutor Nicola Gratteri

    Is Pope Francis on the Mafia’s hit list?



  3. Pedestrians cross the flooded St. Mark’s Square on Nov. 20, 1952 (top) — just as they will 60 years later (bottom). 

    Venice is notoriously prone to flooding, particularly in autumn. But after this week’s heavy rains, nearly three-quarters of the canal-laden city was submerged, with the tidal mark reaching its sixth-highest level since 1872. Nonetheless, Italians and light-hearted tourists carry on, utilizing makeshift bridges, donning swimsuits, and lounging in the veritable pool that is St. Mark’s Square. More images of Italy’s flooded wonderland throughout history.


  4. Photo of the day: A tourist sits outside a cafe in flooded St. Mark’s Square in Venice. High tides have topped more than 1 meter above sea level in the low-lying, canal-carved city, and on Oct. 15, as much as 9 percent of Venice’s surface was underwater. 

    PHOTO: AP Photo/Luigi Costantini


  5. In some of the week’s most striking images, a dog stands on a water buffalo, Republicans play dress-up, and tourists flock to the site of a deadly maritime disaster…

    More of this week’s best photojournalism

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  6. In Cape Cod, a swimmer was bit on the legs, and scientists believe the culprit was a terrifying great white shark.


    Nostalgic sleepyheads
    An online retailer introduces an officially-licensed Tetris alarm clock that features falling bricks that form numbers when the hours and minutes change, as well as the ubiquitous video-game song as the alarm. [Tecca]

    One lucky violinist
    A Stradivarius violin likely worth millions of dollars is turned into a Swiss lost and found, and later finds its way to its rightful owner. [Huffington Post]

    Outsmarting teenagers
    A new study finds that generic packaging on cigarettes could lower the rates of teen smoking, as impressionable youngsters view the non-branded packs as less cool. [Jezebel


    A swimmer is bitten by what is believed to be a great white shark off a Cape Cod beach. [Gothamist]

    Hungry frequent fliers
    A passenger on an Air Canada flight is served a sandwich containing a sewing needle — not unlike the ones previously discovered on Delta Air Lines flights. [Consumerist]

    Italian insults
    The Italian Supreme Court rules that telling a man he has “no balls” is a crime punishable by a fine. [GlobalPost]

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  8. The capsized Costa Concordia cruise ship is sitting in the middle of the largest marine sanctuary in Italy. The ship is carrying more than 2,400 tons of fuel in 17 tanks, and will take three to four weeks to empty. In the mean time, the ship remains an “ecological time bomb.”


  9. Get on that prow of the boat using the pilot ladder and tell me what can be done, how many people there are and what their needs are. Now!
    — Audio has surfaced of Italian Coast Guard Capt. Gregorio De Falco ordering the captain of the wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship to go back after abandoning his ship. Capt. Francesco Schettino refuses the order. “You don’t understand, it’s dark here. Can’t see anything.”

  10. U.S. soldiers march past the historical Roman Colosseum and follow their retreating enemy in Rome, Italy, on June 5, 1944.

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  13. This weekend, thousands of Italian women protesters in more than 60 cities called for the resignation of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The scandal-besmirched Berlusconi — who may face charges for paying for sex with an underage nightclub dancer known as Ruby Heartstealer — dismissed the demonstrations as a “partisan mobilization” against him by the left. Will the seemingly invulnerable Berlusconi prevail again or could the latest round of outrage take him down?