4. If there’s one thing the conservative media is known for, it’s letting things go.

    Stephen Colbert gleefully tackles Fox News’s Hillary Clinton-Monica Lewinsky conspiracies

    On the Fox News side of the political spectrum, noted Stephen Colbert on Monday night’s Colbert Report, the lens was more narrowly focused on why Hillary got Vanity Fair to run the Lewinsky essay now.


  5. Everybody in this country has seen this movie before, only that movie was on an IMAX.

    Watch Jon Stewart snap at Fox News over its selective outrage on Benghazi

    The segment compares the Benghazi mess to the Iraq War mess, with an eye on how Fox News and GOP politicians reacted to similar, Stewart argued worse, muddles involving Team Bush and Iraq.


  6. Fox News reportedly used footage of random Asian people instead of Koreans mourning the ferry disaster

    In a clip about the Sewol ferry disaster in South Korea that killed over 260 last month, Fox News broadcast footage of random sad Asian people instead of mourning Koreans, Global Post reports.  The footage, which has since been deleted from Fox’s website, was of “people presumably from another region of Asia” and not Koreans, according to KoreAm, a blog covering Korean American culture.




  9. Much of the world now sees Putin for what he is: a semi-delusional autocrat who views the disillusion of the Soviet Union as one of the greatest tragedies in the late 20th century and has confused his own geo-political propaganda for reality. Who would be fooled by this guy’s bull sh*t?

  10. Sex and beauty sell. No one expects, or should expect, news operations to be devoid of friction, humor, even joke(rs) who might cross a line or two. But with a guy at the top who doesn’t seem to respect women, and has a history of appearing to treat them as objects, I wonder what life must be like for women who work at Fox.
    — Marc Ambinder, in Fox News’ culture of sexism

  11. 44%

    The share of Americans aged 18-29 who view Christmas as “more of a cultural holiday”.  Among those 65 +, only 19% agree.

    Fox News has already lost its War on Christmas


  12. Though free markets, profit motives, and unrestrained accumulation of wealth have no immediate relationship with Christianity, the cross and the coin are nonetheless powerful, paired symbols of the American right wing. Catholic conservatives thus must carve a way around Francis’ difficult insistence that governments be harnessed toward the relief of poverty, not the creation of it.

  13. Like the GOP, Fox News can’t depend solely on older white males.
    — Keith Wagstaff, writing in “Are conservatives getting tired of Sean Hannity?