2. When I see Perryman’s picture I feel like someone has attached jumper cables to the top and bottom of my spine and then cranked the engine of a car. The jolt is immediate, but the energy doesn’t fully subside. It circles in me, revving and diminishing inconsistently like someone pushing and releasing the accelerator of the idling car.



  5. Watch these cute manatees greet boaters in Florida

    We dare you not to say, “Awww.” 


  6. Rare, ugly goblin shark caught in the Gulf of Mexico

    If you don’t already have a fear of the ocean, you’re about to



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    The week’s best editorial cartoons



  10. The hilarious revival of the failed ’80s fitness regimen Prancercise

    One critic calls it “the best and least effective exercise video of all time.” You are not ready.


  11. Some giant sea creature seems to have lost something very important, and it washed up on a Florida beach this week.

    "This is the weirdest thing you’d ever expect to find washed up on the beach. Unless the answer to the question of this eyeball’s origin is weird enough to inspire an HBO series or a movie that relies heavily on special effects, I don’t want to know."



  12. Cartoon of the day — Threatening the GOP 
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    More cartoons

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  13. An unidentified Florida businessman is selling gun range targets designed to make people feel like they’re shooting Trayvon Martin. The target shows a silhouette in a black hoodie, holding Skittles and a can of iced tea, with a huge bullseye on it. The businessman admits he’s only in it for the money, adding that he sold out of the targets in two days.

    The reaction