1. The week’s best editorial cartoons

    Artists take on the return of Candidate Clinton, Scotland’s attempt at independence, and more






  6. Man builds “biggest fart machine ever,” plans to aim it at France

    It apparently sounds like “a furious fart from hell”


  7. The World Cup started today, and Seth Meyers had John Oliver on Late Night to talk about soccer’s big event


  8. 95%

    The percentage of British households to be automatically blocked from viewing online pornography by a government-proposed filter.

    Why David Cameron’s crusade against porn is the nanny state at its worst




  11. Rileyy_69 then tried to use freedom of speech to defend himself, not realising that the right to freedom of speech and expression is actually a qualified right, meaning the Government can interfere with it where necessary. For example, the Twitter user is now liable to prosecution for harassing Daley, and for threatening to drown him.
    — This is a good explainer for how harassment laws allowed police to arrest Twitter user @Rileyy_69 for the hateful tweets he sent to UK diver Tom Daley. (ht @AntDeRosa)

  12. With the 2012 Summer Olympic Games now just days away, many Londoners are feeling anxiety and regret. A recent poll found that half the city’s residents are not interested in the Olympics at all, and 42 percent think the city should never have bid for them.

    “It’s a major disaster,” said documentary filmmaker Iain Sinclair. “You don’t need this vast, top-down structure spending billions of pounds to obliterate a landscape.”

    London’s Olympic regrets


  13. Not everybody was in the mood to honor her Majesty. Several hundred anti-monarchists and members of the campaign group Republic gathered outside City Hall protesting the role of the monarchy in modern-day Britain during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. More photos from the four-day event