1. 95%

    The percentage of British households to be automatically blocked from viewing online pornography by a government-proposed filter.

    Why David Cameron’s crusade against porn is the nanny state at its worst




  4. Rileyy_69 then tried to use freedom of speech to defend himself, not realising that the right to freedom of speech and expression is actually a qualified right, meaning the Government can interfere with it where necessary. For example, the Twitter user is now liable to prosecution for harassing Daley, and for threatening to drown him.
    — This is a good explainer for how harassment laws allowed police to arrest Twitter user @Rileyy_69 for the hateful tweets he sent to UK diver Tom Daley. (ht @AntDeRosa)

  5. With the 2012 Summer Olympic Games now just days away, many Londoners are feeling anxiety and regret. A recent poll found that half the city’s residents are not interested in the Olympics at all, and 42 percent think the city should never have bid for them.

    “It’s a major disaster,” said documentary filmmaker Iain Sinclair. “You don’t need this vast, top-down structure spending billions of pounds to obliterate a landscape.”

    London’s Olympic regrets


  6. Not everybody was in the mood to honor her Majesty. Several hundred anti-monarchists and members of the campaign group Republic gathered outside City Hall protesting the role of the monarchy in modern-day Britain during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. More photos from the four-day event


  7. More than a million people braved soggy weather Sunday, lining London’s Thames River to glimpse the slight Sovereign as she floated by on her gilded barge during a parade of boats, and the rain couldn’t dampen a historic day.

    Here’s a look at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in pictures


  8. Fail. (Look closely.)

    A teacup celebrating next month’s royal nuptials features a very conspicuous — and possibly intentional — mistake. The unofficial souvenir features beaming photographs of Kate Middleton and her husband-to-be, along with flowery adornment. The problem? The man in the picture is not Kate’s fiancé, Prince William, but his red-headed brother, Prince Harry.

    The cup reads, “The fairytale romantic union of all the centuries. 29th April 2011.” It can be yours for about $16.