1. Up until April, the hit mobile doodling game Draw Something was growing at an unprecedented rate — amassing 20 million daily active users at one point. In late March, the game’s parent company, OMGPOP, was snatched up by online gaming giant Zynga for an eyebrow-raising $200 million, and usership has declined since.

    In April, the title lost a third of its then-15 million daily active users, with 900,000 people abandoning their artistic ambitions in the last week of April alone. What’s behind Draw Something's sudden free fall?

    Are you still on Draw Something, and if not, why?


  2. The ”dizzying” success of the doodling app Draw Something was underscored Wednesday when news broke that gaming titan Zynga was purchasing the company behind the app, New York-based OMGPOP, for over $200 million. Here, a look at the numbers behind the popular new app

    20.5 million - daily active Draw Something users

    3 billion - total drawings since the game was released seven weeks ago

    $250,000 - Net profit Draw Something earns per day (after Apple’s 30 percent cut)

    9 - years it took for AOL to hit 1 million users

    9 - days it took for Draw Something to hit 1 million users

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