1. Inside the mind-bendingly eccentric, endearingly bizarre homes of the late, great Felix Dennis

    The late British publisher was our leader, mentor, inspiration, and friend. And he had a style all his own.


  2. The week’s best editorial cartoons

    Artists take on the return of Candidate Clinton, Scotland’s attempt at independence, and more








  9. Britian’s Conservative government is taking a “tough love” approach to foreign aid, threatening to withhold millions of dollars to countries that persecute gays and lesbians. The southern African nation of Malawi has already had its payments sliced by about $30 million, after it sentenced a gay couple to 14 months of hard labor for holding an engagement party. Fellow “anti-gay” countries Uganda and Ghana could lose millions, too. “I want Britain to be a global beacon for reform,” says Prime Minister David Cameron. Is this a good use of foreign aid?


  10. The London riots may be the most violent in recent memory, but the city has a long and rocky history of upheaval. Here, a look back at some of London’s other newsworthy clashes…