1. Everything we learned from Comic-Con 2014

    All about Avengers 2Batman v. Superman, and more




    Rounding up
    A couple gives a Houston waiter a $5,000 tip (on a $26 bill) after learning that his car was destroyed in a thunderstorm. [Business Insider]

    Staying on the couch
    Researchers find that about 10 percent of regular exercisers end up with a higher risk of heart disease than the rest of us. [Newser]

    Hugging grandma
    A new study examines the underarm odor of people of all ages and finds that the elderly smell better than young people and middle-aged adults. [The Daily What]


    The Whole Foods crowd
    A viral campaign urges people to boycott the “all-natural” cereal maker Kashi because its soybeans are genetically altered to be protected from herbicides. [USA Today

    Avengers role-playing
    After two dozen showers with intense cleaning agents, a Brazilian man finally scrubs away the green paint that had covered his body as part of a Hulk costume. [Gawker]

    Big Gulp lovers
    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg moves to ban sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces in an effort to combat obesity. [Consumerist]

    (Source: theweek.com)