1. A Russian passenger airliner chartered by one of the country’s best-known hockey teams and carrying numerous veterans of the National Hockey League crashed during take-off near the city of Yaroslavl on Wednesday, killing all but 2 of the 45 people on board.

    Lokomotiv’s coach, Brad McCrimmon, a Canadian who played 18 seasons in the N.H.L. between 1979 and 1997, died in the crash, along with Pavol Demitra, the captain of the Slovakian national team who played 16 seasons for the St. Louis Blues, Vancouver Canucks and three other N.H.L. teams. McCrimmon resigned as an assistant coach with the Detroit Red Wings last May to become Lokomotiv’s head coach. It was his first head coaching job in a professional league.

    Three members of the Czech national team, Jan Marek, Karel Rachunek and Josef Vasicek were also among the victims. Mr. Marek, a 2003 draft choice of the New York Rangers, led the Russian league in goal scoring in 2008-9, and Mr. Rachunek and Mr. Vasicek spent several seasons in the N.H.L.

    Also among the dead were Alexander Karpovstev, an assistant coach who played defense for the Rangers for five seasons, including 1994, when they won the Stanley Cup, and the Swedish goalie Stefan Liv, who tended the nets when Sweden won the Olympic gold medal in 2006.

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