1. Sharks are monsters, this we know. They prowl the Earth’s oceans killing indiscriminately, with dead eyes and the compassion of Charybdis. So why, then, when I stand in front of the Ocean Exhibit at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, is it not a constant blood bath?

    These sharks are six-and-a-half-foot apex predators that regularly snack on sea snakes, reef fish, and ocean invertebrates. And yet the tank remains as placid as Pride Rock on Simba’s nameday. What gives?

    One of the zoo’s aquarists, Ariella Wiener, explained the peace accord easily enough: They train the blacktips not to eat the other fish.

    How to train your shark

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    Sharks are not monsters, and neither do they eat everything in sight. Sharks are magnificent creatures that deserve...
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