1. The Barkley Marathons:

    Since 1986, elite ultramarathon runners have met in the hills of Frozen Head State Park to have a go at one of the world’s most difficult races. Cantrell handpicks the field according to his own whims and applicants’ essays on why they should be allowed to run the Barkley. Marathoners have 60 hours to complete five 20-mile loops through the park. Each loop contains over 10,000 feet of vertical climb, and if any loop takes more than 12 hours, the runner is disqualified. The runners trudge along through brambles, unmarked trails, and occasionally both snow and blistering heat during the same race.

    Don’t think that 100 miles in 60 hours sounds so tough? Since the race’s inception over 500 elite runners have tried to finish the 100-mile trek. Seven have successfully finished the race. Cantrell’s not a total sadist, though; he also offers a companion “fun run” to go along with his monstrous trail run. Fun runners only have to finish 60 miles of the course in 40 hours. Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

    5 races that make marathons look wimpy

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    Since 1986, elite ultramarathon runners have met in the hills of Frozen Head State Park to have a go at one of the...
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